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Uncategorized | December 15, 2000

Not all Companies…

When termites are topic of concern, not all companies are created equal. Pest control companies like every business, are as good as the employees that represent them. Every service industry has bad apples that bring down everyone. Things to be aware of when considering hiring a company to provide services are:

The following information is obtained from: Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Service.

“If you suspect termites do not panic. Most types of termites do their destructive work slowly; your house will not collapse overnight. If your house has never been treated for termites by an exterminator, contact several local pest control companies and get estimates for termite control services. These companies can inspect your house to see exactly what types of pests are attacking your home. If you have termites swarming (flying around) in your house, the swarmers can be combated using a variety of over-the-counter pesticides designed for flying insects that are available to homeowners. Termites generally swarm once a year for a period of about (24) hours. Swarmers are reproductive forms of termites, and do no damage to wood. It is helpful to save several swarmers in a container for identification by your local pest control operator before treatment.”

“When bid is submitted prior to treating, pest control companies proposing treatment are required to give prospective customers termite treatment disclosure documents. Documents must include, but are not limited to, the following items: Diagram of structure or structures treated; Label for pesticide recommended or used, and proposed concentration of termiticide to be used; complete details of warranty provided; Definitions of types of treatment; and signature of approval of certified applicator or technician licensed in termite category employed by company making the proposal.

Note: At no time will a proposal be given on the back of a business card, all supporting documents must be given as described above prior to treatment.

If warranty does not include entire structure treated, areas included must be listed. Warranty information must also include: time period of warranty, renewal options and cost, obligations of pest control operator to retreat for termite infestations or repair termite damage caused by termite infestation during warranty period, and conditions that could develop as a result of the owner’s action or inaction that could void warranty.”

So just remember, if they try to cut corners by just throwing out a price without filling out necessary and LEGAL paperwork, how many other “shortcuts” might they take.

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