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Pest Control | May 15, 2022

Cockroach Problems Can Worsen In the Summer Heat

dead cockroach

The summer heat can drive pests into your home in search of food and water, especially cockroaches. With the weather reaching triple-digit temperatures recently, more and more roaches will be trying to enter your home in San Antonio this summer.

Ensuring good seals on doors, windows and the foundation will minimize the chance of roaches finding their way inside your house. Keeping food and food waste stored away is also a big deterrent.

However, roaches can also enter your home when you bring in groceries, packages or furniture. Once inside, they tend to gather and swarm near sources of heat and moisture in your home. This hastens their growth and reproductive rates.

Cockroaches are generally nocturnal, so they usually roam your house at night in the dark. If you are seeing them during the day, you may have a large infestation present. Fortunately, even well established cockroach infestations can be eliminated safely with just a few treatments involving low-toxicity insecticides.

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