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Termite Inspections and Termite Soil Treatments

The first and basic step begins with a trench and treatment around the outside perimeter of your home. Next if applicable, a secondary trench and treatment of crawlspace / basement foundation walls with dirt floors. In limited access areas, treatment of the soil under the crawlspace / basement floor is accomplished through a series of small holes drilled in the outside concrete wall surrounding the crawl space.

If present, outside flower boxes that abut the structure are treated via “Injection Roding” of the soil and the structure along side.Inside the home any “bath traps” under lower floor bathtubs will need to be treated also, access panels may need to be cut. Sometimes “trickle treatments” behind brick and stone veneers are required to best apply the chemical and bring it into contact with the workers of the invading termite colony. In cases of outer chimney foundation walls, a treatment under and around may also be necessary. Foundation walls consisting of hollow blocks will be treated on the interior.

Any cracks, expansion joints will be treated with soil injection under the slab through series of small holes drilled in the slab / sidewalk, driveway, patio, etc. Ducts in slabs are a preferred entry point for termites and should be treated. If possible, treatments around pipes that penetrate the slab are also wise.

Any combination of, or all of the above treatment methods will be utilized to treat you home and bring you the peace of mind that come with knowing that “no stone was left unturned” when it came to eliminate the threat to your home and the personal and monetary investment that it represents!

Even if you don’t think you have termites an inspection would save you thousands.

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